Great for Packing Flower, Brownies, Protein Bars, Candy and Gummies

Flow Wrap

Flow wrap film and equipment are perfect for the cannabis industry – Great for packing flower, brownies, protein bars, candy, gummies and miscellaneous materials at high volume is a breeze.  Quality metallic flow wrap films can provide great oxygen and odor barriers.

Flow wrappers, utilizing flow wrap films, perform three tasks in one fluid and continuous operation – forming a bag, filling it with product, and sealing and discharging the finished package. Synonyms include fin-sealing, crimp-seal wrapping, horizontal bagging and pillow-pouch wrapping.

Flow wrappers and flow wrap films are intended for packaging soft or flexible products individually or in multi-packs at speeds up to approximately 150 packages per minute. Designed for ease of use and fast product changeover to limit production down time, flow wrappers are the preferred choice for everyone from small start-ups to large companies with higher speed wrapping requirements.

Flow wrap film can be plain or printed films. Fin seal packaging (also called flow wrapping) is a high-speed, large-volume process of loosely containing a product in sealed tamper-resistant film. Seals are created at two ends of the package, with another seal, the fin seal, along the middle of the back of the package.

Flow wrap or fin seal material can be clear or opaque, printed or plain, single-layer film or multi-layer laminate structures. Most often flow wrap films are simple single-layer polypropylene film. However, the product being wrapped, and the shelf-life required determines what film or laminated structure will be used in the manufacturing processing.

Custom printed multi-layer laminates, possibly with metalized polypropylene (referred to as metpet) and other barrier materials, are specifically designed for each individual food product. Great odor barrier qualities are part of a metallic film. Barrier film made for MAP gas flushing will extend the shelf life of deli and other food products.